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College Football Cameraman Zooms In On Hot Florida Gators Fan (Video)

College Football Cameraman Zooms In On Hot Florida Gators Fan (Video)

The Florida Gators are 4-4 this year and find themselves in sixth place in the SEC East.

Unsurprisingly, in the eyes of everyone associated with the program, this season is pretty much over for all intents and purposes.

This weekend, one enterprising cameraman was forced to work the Florida game. Rather than train his camera into something occurring on the field, the gentleman in question found something far more entertaining to watch.

The video blew up immediately:

With social media being what it is nowadays, fans flocked to Twitter to react to the footage.

The responses were largely what you would expect:

In a season filled with cheerleaders going wild, referees openly cheating and the daughters of prominent coaches posting provocative videos – nothing is off the table at this point.

That said, this cameraman thing is still pretty funny.

After the Gators’ Week 1 victory over a very legit Utah squad there was a lot of optimism surrounding the program’s future. Unfortunately, it has since dissipated.

Obviously losing to the likes of Georgia and Tennessee is understandable. But this group should have been able to beat at least one of, if not both of, LSU and Kentucky. Especially Kentucky.

If there is one silver lining for Florida it’s that the hard part of their schedule is over. Next up is Texas A&M, South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Florida State. Theoretically, there are three or so wins there if the Gators don’t botch it.

By any objective measure this is another lost season for Florida.

Will 2023-24 be any better for them?

Time will tell.

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