Dennis Schroder Mocks Ja Morant After Lakers Beat Grizzlies

Dennis Schroder Mocks Ja Morant After Lakers Beat Grizzlies

Dennis Schroder had some parting words for Ja Morant this week after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Memphis Grizzlies in their first-round NBA playoffs match-up.

Heading into the series, and through the early parts of it, Memphis showed very little respect for L.A.

Dillon Brooks was obviously the most egregious example of it, but his attitude seemed to be pretty representative of the whole team.

The Lakers took note. They didn’t say much back while the series was going, but since its swift conclusion, players have been more vocal.

Case in point: Schroder. In the aftermath, he took to social media to slyly reference a viral clip from Morant where he had his daughter recite the words to an NBA YoungBoy song after a strong showing against the Houston Rockets.

Schroder decided to play off that.

Schroder is obviously a role player on the Lakers whereas Morant is the Grizzlies’ star.

That difference in dynamics led to mix reactions from NBA fans to Schroder’s move.

Wherever you come down on Schroder’s jab, there is no denying that the Grizzlies got humbled – hard.

Brooks’ walk of shame from the last Lakers game speaks for itself.

A true villain downfall story. Nobody wanted to see him or his squad win.

How much longer will Schroder and the rest of the Lakers lord their win over the heads of Morant and the Grizzlies? Time will tell.

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