Dillon Brooks’ Walk Of Shame After Lakers Loss Goes Viral (Video)

Dillon Brooks’ Walk Of Shame After Lakers Loss Goes Viral (Video)

Dillon Brooks was the Memphis Grizzlies’ biggest trash-talker for the entirety of their 2022-23 NBA campaign.

As such, when his team was unceremoniously bounced from the playoffs by the No. 7 seed Los Angeles Lakers, it was Brooks who faced the brunt of the trolling online.

You will recall, after Memphis won Game 2 of their series against L.A., Brooks came out and called LeBron James “old.” He then took it a step further and suggested he wouldn’t respect his generation’s GOAT until he dropped 40 on him.

Well, James responded by dropping 40 on Brooks twice – once in the form of a 20-point, 20-rebound effort in Game 4, and then once again in Game 6 when Los Angeles beat Memphis by 40 on Friday night.

After Brooks’ latest loss, Lakers fans mockingly recorded his walk of shame from what will forever been known as the Staples Center. The clip immediately went viral.

Predictably, nobody felt too bad for Brooks.

The reactions poured in swiftly.

Obviously Brooks wasn’t the only person to generate headlines during this series. Megan Markle’s wild outfit to one of the games caused a stir, as did a Lakers cheerleader’s provocative photos going viral.

Plus, the general public became really well-acquainted with Austin Reaves’ girlfriend.

But overall, Brooks getting humbled was still the biggest and most satisfying end result from this particular first-round match-up.

Will Brooks and the Grizzlies use this Lakers series as a learning experience, grow from what happened, and come back stronger next season? Time will tell.

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