Danica Patrick’s Wild Concert Photos Cause A Stir

Danica Patrick’s Wild Concert Photos Cause A Stir

Danica Patrick is regarded by most racing enthusiasts as the greatest female open-wheel driver of all time.

While her personality during her active competition days rubbed some the wrong way, it was also a key part of her competitive spirit and why she was ultimately so successful.

In the years since her retirement Patrick has continued to amass fans at a record rate. These days, she is one of the most popular sports social media influencers around.

One byproduct of her massive online fan base is that any time she shares anything, it immediately goes mega-viral. And that is precisely what ended up happening this week, when Patrick showed off some of her concert photos.


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Fans loved it.

“That’s how it’s supposed to be. Take a couple ‘I was here’ photos and then enjoy the moment,” one person wrote.

“Glad you enjoyed the concert,” another fan chimed in.

“Great job on vids,” a third person wrote. “Felt like I was there!!! Looked amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing, princess.”

If it feels like Patrick has been in the headlines nonstop over the past few months, it’s because she definitely has been. Between her recent wild videos causing a stir and her memorable vacation pictures from last month, she has been a permanent fixture in the news cycle.

The one defining characteristic Patrick possesses that seems to evoke so much goodwill from everyone is her fun-loving nature. She just seems to be a good time no matter what, regardless of what she is doing.

And that goes a long way in explaining why her ex-boyfriend, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, still talks about her as though he is in love with her.

She is just that type of personality.

If past is truly prologue, this likely isn’t the last time Patrick will blow up online. What will she ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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