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Dabo Swinney And Clemson Are Tired Of Alabama Lovers

Dabo Swinney And Clemson Are Tired Of Alabama Lovers

Dabo Swinney And Clemson Are Tired Of Alabama Lovers

Dabo Swinney and Clemson are tired of Alabama lovers.

Over the course of this season Swinney and his supporters have grown increasingly agitated over what they perceive to be a double standard.

Clemson started the year as the consensus No. 1 team in the nation, and despite not losing a single game this season, they have continuously dropped in the rankings.

The justification behind Clemson’s drop from media members has been that their strength of schedule and unimpressive early-season performances left something to be desired.

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Swinney and his supports think that is a bunch of hooey – and they have become increasingly aggressive and blunt when saying so.

This week, Swinney was once again asked about Clemson’s strength of schedule.

His response was surprisingly hostile.

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“Who has beat Alabama in SEC?” he asked.

“In the past 5 years? Ain’t many.

“Yet we’ve had a great run in our conference because nobody is else good. We’ve only won in postseason because people are tired or there are distractions… it’s funny.”

It’s funny, you see. He is not mad. He is actually laughing.

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Look, Swinney is not wrong – people seem to be far more eager to ignore Alabama’s weak schedule than Clemson’s.

It is a fair point. But he is not going to change anyone’s minds with talk.

The only way to shut up doubters is to do what Clemson did in last year’s Championship Game – systematically dismantle Alabama on a national stage.

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