Chris Brown’s Angry Reaction To Ben Simmons Comparison

Chris Brown’s Angry Reaction To Ben Simmons Comparison

Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons is objectively one of the NBA’s biggest stars. He has been named to multiple All-Star games, earned placement on an All-NBA Team, got an All-Defensive First Team nod, won Rookie of the Year and recorded the most steals in the NBA in 2020.

There’s not a ton of players in the league who could do all that before their 25th birthday.

That said, between his perpetual shooting woes, the trade talk that he can’t seem to shake, and his surprising penchant for making headlines for messy off-the-court matters, Simmons sometimes isn’t viewed in the fondest of lights by certain factions of the basketball-watching community.

This was on full display recently when singer Chris Brown saw that he was being compared to Simmons.

“Chris Brown really is the R&B Ben Simmons,” a fan wrote. “No progression, no decline… Just the same ole s**t a** musician…”

Brown’s reaction spoke for itself:

Chris Brown’s Angry Reaction To Ben Simmons Comparison 1

Is Brown right to be that angry?

Well, sort of. Even though Simmons is an extremely impressive player, due to his age, he has not accomplished as much in his career as Brown has in his.

Beyond that, the original comparison was quite clearly made not to compliment Simmons, but to tear him down.

Because of that, Brown’s anger is somewhat understandable.

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