Charissa Thompson’s Wild ‘Date Night’ Photos Cause A Stir

Charissa Thompson’s Wild ‘Date Night’ Photos Cause A Stir

Charissa Thompson is one of the most respected NFL broadcasters in the game today.

Given that she splits her time between Amazon and FOX, Thompson covers football throughout the entire week. As a result, she has a massive amount of followers.

Be it for her intimate photos, her wild beach day with her boyfriend or the hubbub around her nipples, she is always going viral for something or other. And this week proved to no exception.

In a series of now-viral posts, Thompson showed off her outfit for a recent date night:

Charissa Thompson’s Wild ‘Date Night’ Photos Cause A Stir 1

Fans loved it.

“Gorgeous ladies,” one fan wrote.

“Beauties,” another person added.

“I mean….I’m not lying when I say my jaw dropped…” a third fan chimed in.

Big picture, Thompson is one of the biggest sports media personalities around. Between her lingerie malfunction, her confession about her biggest embarrassment and displays of impressive flexibility, she is always blowing up online.

Plus, in addition to all that, there is also just her general social media content:

It never disappoints either.

Thompson has been one of the preeminent personalities in her field for a decade.

Charissa Thompson’s Wild ‘Date Night’ Photos Cause A Stir 2

And with football being America’s most beloved sport, her personal profile has grown substantially in that time.

What will Thompson ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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