Charissa Thompson’s Lingerie Malfunction Causes A Stir (Photos)

Charissa Thompson’s Lingerie Malfunction Causes A Stir (Photos)

Charissa Thompson’s recent lingerie malfunction story caused something of a stir among NFL fans this week, for obvious reasons.

Right now football fans are neck deep in preseason action, but soon enough the regular season will come. When it does, Thompson will become a mainstay on TV screens across the nation once again.

As one of the faces of modern day NFL broadcasting, Thompson has built up a sizable following for herself over the years. Pretty much anything she says or does nowadays is front page news, and this weekend proved to be no exception.

During a recent podcast episode with Erin Andrews, Thompson broke down a lingerie malfunction she had with her new boyfriend not long ago. Unsurprisingly, it left quite the impression.

This obviously isn’t the first time in recent months that Thompson has blown up online in this fashion. Between her intimate photos with her new boyfriend, provocative Las Vegas party pictures and racy boat party shenanigans, she has been a permanent fixture in the news cycle as of late.

In addition to all that, there is also her general social media content. It never fails to garner major reactions among her fans.

Big picture, it is quite telling of everyone’s standing in the sports media world when in a week where Kay Adams’ viral video with Russell Wilson caused such a stir Thompson can just swoop in like this and steal the show.

Her time at FOX and more recently Amazon, spearheading NFL coverage, has really elevated Thompson in the eyes of football fans across the country.

And the momentum only seems to be building.

With the regular season on the horizon, Thompson’s popularity is only going to continue growing from here. What will she ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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