Gilbert Arenas Exposes Doc Rivers For Stealing Ty Lue’s Job

Gilbert Arenas Exposes Doc Rivers For Stealing Ty Lue’s Job

Gilbert Arenas exposed Doc Rivers this week for stealing Ty Lue’s job with the Philadelphia 76ers.

As Arenas tells it, Lue was all set to be the Sixers’ next head coach at one point.

Unfortunately, shortly before he could take over, Rivers found himself falling out of favor with the Los Angeles Clippers.

At that juncture, apparently, Rivers snaked Lue’s gig.

Arenas recounted the story during a recent podcast appearance.

“Tyronn Lue was supposed to have that team,” Arenas said.

“Doc sent Tyronn Lue to Philly and lobbied for him. ‘This is your guy, he’s a great coach, and this is gonna be good for you guys.’

“It was a Game 7, Doc found out he was getting fired…  He knew he was getting fired, so he called Philly and said, ‘I want the job now.’ You get backdoored like that, nothing good’s gonna happen.”

Be it for revealing the toughest NBA player he ever guarded, his memorable Kobe Bryant trash talking stories or divulging that he was homeless at one point, Arenas has a tendency to keep it real. NBA fans recognize him for it.

Because of that, there is no reason to doubt the veracity of his claims here.

If Rivers did steal Lue’s job with the 76ers, he definitely got hit with a healthy dose of James Harden karma for his actions.

And the Sixers’ franchise as a whole is definitely dealing with the fallout from that right now.

Will Rivers ever address Arenas’ allegations, step up and clear the air on what precisely happened with Lue and the 76ers? Time will tell.

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