Gilbert Arenas’ Memorable Kobe Bryant Trash Talk Story

Gilbert Arenas’ Memorable Kobe Bryant Trash Talk Story

Gilbert Arenas was one of the most memorable and charismatic players of his generation.

Although he never reached the heights that some of his counterparts — like Kobe Bryant — reached, his legacy is still etched in stone at this point.

Because of Arenas’ experiences with Bryant, he is uniquely qualified to speak on the Los Angeles Lakers legend in a way few others are.

And that is precisely what he ended up doing this week.

In a now-viral interview, Arenas broke down just how special Bryant’s trash-talking was.

“‘I can’t respect a man who won’t…’ and I’d be like, ‘Listen, Kobe I’m not dumb. Unless you’re going to make this a dribbling outside and trying to get to me. But you’re going to put me in the post and give me those little elbows and do all that’ and no! Why would I try to do all that?

“Why would I try to lose a game trying to feed your ego. Like if you want to guard me, good luck, but I already know that I can’t guard you in this post. But that’s how he was

“Oh, so you’re just going to play one-sided? Is that what kind of player you are? Just a one-sided player? How can you be great if you only want to play one side of the basketball?”

Arenas didn’t stop there, though.

“It was trash, but it was intelligent trash. Like it was an intelligent trash, and he’d make you always second guess what you’re doing. It was just random stuff like, ‘Oh, how many fouls you got? I think you’ve got two, and here comes your third’.

“It was just one of those things where when you played him you’re playing a mental war.”

Arenas is always good for some memorable tales about Bryant and the Lakers. His story about how he purposely sabotaged his chances of joining L.A. is an absolute classic, too.

All in all, Arenas is generally a pretty upfront person. His confession about the toughest NBA player he ever guarded is evidence enough of that.

So any time he speaks on Bryant, you know he is keeping it real.

What other fun gems will Arenas drop in the future about Bryant and their time squaring off against each other?

Time will tell.

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