Charissa Thompson’s Beach Day Photo With Boyfriend Goes Viral

Charissa Thompson’s Beach Day Photo With Boyfriend Goes Viral

Charissa Thompson’s recent beach day photo with her boyfriend went viral this week.

Over the past few months Thompson has been something of mainstay in the news cycle. Between her intimate photos with her beau, infamous nipple brouhaha and incredible displays of flexibility, it has been one thing after another with her.

This week proved to be just the latest example of that.

A few days ago, Thompson took to social media to share a photo of herself with her boyfriend:

Needless to say, the photo was a huge hit. Comments are still turned off on Thompson’s profile because of her scandal, but it has a ton of likes.

Be it for her provocative outfits, lingerie malfunction or well-received cowgirl costume, Thompson is always blowing up online for something or other.

Obviously, Sam Ponder set the internet ablaze this week for her provocative outfit. Yes, Mina Kimes’ intimate photo went mega-viral. And sure, Pam Oliver’s controversial segment with Patrick Mahomes became a popular topic of conversation.

But the reality is that few in the sports media landscape possess the ability to routinely penetrate the larger cultural zeitgeist the way Thompson always does. Thanks to more than a decade of dedicated coverage she is a brand name among fans.

These days, clearly Thompson is primarily focused on the NFL. Between Thursdays on Amazon and Sundays on FOX, football is her bread and butter.

That said – her general sports know-how is still very respected. And it is a big reason why she has so many fans across the board.

Obviously 2023 was a huge year for Thompson. What will 2024 ultimately hold in stock for her? Time will tell.

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