Pam Oliver’s Video With Patrick Mahomes Sparks Controversy

Pam Oliver’s Video With Patrick Mahomes Sparks Controversy

Pam Oliver’s video with Patrick Mahomes sparked controversy this past week.

While the Kansas City Chiefs’ inexplicably poor play against the Las Vegas Raiders stole the show on Christmas Day, it was Mahomes’ interview with Oliver from a few days prior that folks couldn’t stop talking about in the lead-up.

Specifically, NFL fans at home couldn’t get over what Mahomes said when Oliver wished him a happy holidays ahead of Christmas.

The video largely speaks for itself:

Oliver is one of the most respected NFL personalities in the game. Obviously ESPN’s Sam Ponder went viral this weekend over her provocative outfit choice, but generally speaking, Oliver is the one who generally makes headlines every week as far as sports media personalities go.

Needless to say, the responses to that video poured in quickly:

That being said, some fans did come to Mahomes’ defense:

Obviously this has been a busy few weeks for the entire Mahomes family. Between the allegations Brittany has had to fend off and her questionable tipping behavior coming to light, maybe Patrick has a lot on his mind.

That said, wishing someone a happy holidays is pretty standard stuff.

Or at least one would think so.

Oliver, for what it is worth, seemed to take the whole thing in stride despite Mahomes’ impoliteness.

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