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Caleb Williams Drops On NFL Draft Board Over Attitude Concerns

Caleb Williams Drops On NFL Draft Board Over Attitude Concerns

Caleb Williams entered the college football season last year as the consensus top overall pick for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Many expected him to not only legitimately contend for a second consecutive Heisman, but also lead USC into the College Football Playoff.

Neither ended up happening.

Williams struggled against quality competition consistently throughout the 2023 college football season, but that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that, as often as he struggled, he also displayed a really poor attitude.

Unlike him getting exposed by sorority girls for his weird foot preferences, which had no bearing on his soon-to-be pro career, his bad attitude in defeats was legitimately worrying.

Despite that, most NFL teams were still willing to risk a pick on him given the countless Patrick Mahomes comparisons he received.

But then Williams took the prima donna stuff one step further. He reportedly kicked the tires on demanding an ownership stake from any team that would draft him. Then he reportedly interviewed a bunch of agents and tried to see if they could help him circumvent league and collective bargaining rules.

Finally, he also refused pretty standard workouts and practices at the NFL Draft Combine for reasons that aren’t totally clear.

Because of all this, Williams has started to drop on certain NFL Draft Boards.

This week, three-time Pro Bowl selection Taylor Lewan called Williams out over his diminishing stock.

“One guy that, this is up for everybody else to interpret, but I did not get a good vibe from Caleb Williams throughout the combine process,” Lewan said during a recent episode of his “Bussin’ With The Boys” podcast.

“I know, a lot of backlash for the boy. He essentially came to the combine for the free gear and the interviews.”

Lewan didn’t stop there, though.

“Only player in combine history not to do a medical review,” he continued. “Only dude [who] didn’t run, didn’t throw. His choosing not to throw was, ‘Hey there’s a lot of film on me, you can watch that in real action. I don’t need to do that.’ So he essentially went there and then I think he did one thing about sour gummies, like him and some lady sat there and tried sour candy.”

It is specifically Williams’ attitude that is his biggest red flag.

“It’s incredible how talented he is, but he’s got this type of ‘I’m better than everyone’ attitude that it’s coming off of,” Lewan concluded.

“Now if that’s not the individual he is, he’s more than welcome to come on the bus [the podcast] and explain himself, but what I saw from the short sample size I got of watching a few interviews of him on my way to the combine was, [the] guy is very full of himself. He’s got some big-time yes people in his camp right now that are getting in his ear a little too much.”

It will be interesting to see what happens from here.

As of this week, there are multiple big-name draft boards that now have LSU’s Jayden Daniels ahead of Williams.

That isn’t something anyone expected to be the case one year ago.

Williams could obviously still go first overall, but this isn’t the trajectory his stock was supposed to be on.

Will Daniels be able to overtake Williams when the 2024 NFL Draft finally rolls around? Time will tell.

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