Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram Message To Critic Goes Viral

Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram Message To Critic Goes Viral

Few NFL wives have polarized fans in the way that Brittany Mahomes has in recent years.

As the longtime girlfriend of Patrick Mahomes, Brittany has been in the limelight for quite some time. Their pair’s wedding this past offseason (and all the craziness that followed) cemented that this would continue to be the case for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, Brittany’s official status as Mrs. Mahomes didn’t endear her to fans. The hostility she often receives was on full display this week when a troll tried to attack her on social media by suggesting he would kill himself if he were stuck with her for the rest of his life.

“If I was stuck [with] this woman for life I’d kill myself,” the guy wrote.

That prompted this response from Brittany:

Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram Message To Critic Goes Viral 1

“Making comments like this are very very concerning but also highly inappropriate,” Brittany replied.

“‘Killing yourself’ is not a term to just be throwing around like this. It’s actually a very serious matter. People deal with these thoughts often. And it can be VERY TRIGGERING to some people.

“The culture and society in todays world can be extremely hurtful…please be aware when you say stuff like this and know it can affect a lot of people if they even read or see these words.

“Let’s be better.”

Brittany is obviously used to dealing with this sort of stuff. Between her racial tweets controversy and various tiffs with fans, she has often found herself standing in adversarial stance on social media.

It doesn’t seem to phase her.

The occasional backlash also doesn’t stop Brittany from living her life. As evidenced by her recent provocative vacation photos and wild Coachella snaps – she is going to be herself no matter what.

There has been some idle chatter in recent years that Brittany’s way of doing things is harmful for Patrick’s mental health.

But there is really no evidence supporting that.

Patrick appears to love his wife dearly. And they seem to be in a very happy and healthy marriage.

Is Brittany everyone’s cup of tea? Clearly not.

Should folks attack her for it? Clearly not.

Hopefully with the NFL regular season rapidly approaching fans will switch their attention to what truly matters: the on-the-field stuff. And in the process, with any luck, they will stop harassing players’ wives on social media.

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