Brittany Mahomes’ Controversial Answer In Q&A Goes Viral

Brittany Mahomes’ Controversial Answer In Q&A Goes Viral

Brittany Matthews Mahomes is arguably the most popular NFL wife in the league today.

As the better half of Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, Brittany often finds herself in the headlines for one thing or another. Sometimes it’s for positive things, like standing up for her troubled brother-in-law. Other times it’s for negative things, like her racial tweets controversy and her flirty Tom Brady messages.

This week, Brittany found herself in the headlines once more.

Why? Over an answer she gave during a Q&A session.

Brittany Mahomes’ Controversial Answer In Q&A Goes Viral 1

Upon being asked how she maintained her grace in such a hateful world, Brittany went on a lengthy diatribe.

“Honestly, I have no other choice!” she replied. “I would never let people on the internet destroy my peace or effect [sic] my life. BUT. It’s been hard, it took time to learn this and still learning at times.

“It’s always gonna be there, at times its [sic] worse then [sic] others [and] at those times is when you won’t see me on here or the internet. Hence why I have taken such huge steps away from social media. It’s a toxic and horrible place at times and those are when I say peace out.

“My world outside of social media is great. I have the right people around me always and that’s where I stay when people on here wanna be sh-tty. Not my problem, bye.”

Naturally, Twitter had some reactions to this:

Obviously Brittany has her fair share of haters, but it’s easy not to dwell on that when you’re living lavishly. Her wild bachelorette party and particularly racy honeymoon really speaks to the good life she’s landed into.

Does that mean she doesn’t have struggles? Of course not.

Everyone does.

But are hers really that bad? Definitely not.

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