Devin Booker Dances On Lakers’ Grave After Ending Their Season

Devin Booker Dances On Lakers’ Grave After Ending Their Season

The Phoenix Suns defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 121-110 on Tuesday night, effectively ending the latter’s season. While there are obviously still games to be played, LA is no longer eligible for the playoffs with the loss.

Suns star Devin Booker led the way for Phoenix’s 63rd victory of the year, putting up 32 points and 7 rebounds in the winning effort.

In the process, Booker also severely bolstered his case for league MVP – even if Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant and NBA legend Michael Jordan disagree.

One other notable thing Booker did on Tuesday night? Dance on the Lakers’ grave.

After the outing, the Suns’ Twitter account posted this message:

Prompting a response from Booker that immediately went viral:

Why is booker pouring one out for LA notable? Because the Suns and Lakers have been engaged in a pretty nasty beef over the past year, spanning multiple players and situations.

It all began last year with a series of dirty plays in the playoffs by both sides. Then this season, amidst some early seasons struggles, LA publicly suggested that there was one team they didn’t fear at all in the playoffs: the Suns.

That prompted a response from one Suns star where he described the Lakers as the worst team in the West.

Even Booker himself couldn’t resist from engaging in a war of words with Anthony Davis back in March.

There’s a lot of bad blood between the Lakers and Suns, and the latter squad definitely came out on top over their rivals this season.

Will LA be able to right the ship and get some semblance of revenge in 2022-23? Time will tell.

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