Jenn Sterger Gets Brutally Honest About Brett Favre

Jenn Sterger Gets Brutally Honest About Brett Favre

Jenn Sterger is a model and TV personality who rose to national prominence in 2010 over an unfortunate incident involving legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre.

That year, a detailed investigative article reported that Sterger received salacious text messages and voicemails from Favre when their paths intersected during his brief stint with the New York Jets.

Although the incident was a big deal at the time, it didn’t do much to tarnish Favre’s legacy.

This week, Sterger issued a brutally honest assessment on how the public reacted to her Favre situation.

With the internet being the internet, reactions poured in immediately. They were largely what you would expect given the circumstances involved.

Ever since his retirement, Favre has frequently found himself in the news for both positive and negative reasons.

Whether he is getting brutally honest about Tom Brady’s retirement brouhaha or Aaron Rodgers’ back-and-forth with the Green Bay Packers, his football-related takes tend to be frontpage news.

Favre also often makes headlines for his societal and political takes, like when he weighed in on athletes kneeling for the national anthem and the general role of politics in sports.

For better or worse, Favre is a mainstay in the larger cultural zeitgeist – and clearly Sterger isn’t a huge fan of that.

Unfortunately, if recent history is any indication, Favre’s place as a big voice in the sports community is unlikely to change any time soon.

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