Devin Booker’s Brutal Message For Anthony Davis After Suns Win

Devin Booker’s Brutal Message For Anthony Davis After Suns Win

The Phoenix Suns defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 140-111 on Sunday. Because the latter group is a middling Western Conference squad that likely won’t make the playoffs, and the former has turned into a perennial title contender, the outcome wasn’t particularly shocking.

What was a bit surprising, however, were the comments made by Lakers star Anthony Davis before the game. In a session with the media, he suggested that Phoenix “got away with one” in last year’s playoffs when he injured his groin and LA ended up choking away a 2-1 series lead to them in the first round.

“I think we know that, I think they know that,” Davis said, per ESPN. “I just feel like they just got away with one.”

Naturally, Suns star Devin Booker had a reaction to that.

“If if was a fifth, we’d all be drunk. If my auntie had something between her legs, she’d be my uncle. There’s a lot of if’s in this game. And you look at history along the lines, there’s something that comes up for every team during every season. Instead of just taking the high route and going, you have to make a comment like that.”

Booker dropped 30 points, 10 assists and 4 steals on LA Sunday night. In addition, his incredible defensive effort really stood out in the eyes of head coach Monty Williams.

“He’s more than a scorer,” Williams said, per Gerald Bourguet of PHNX Sports. “He’s more than an offensive savant. The man plays defense…he’s one of the best two-way players in the game.”

How much Davis’ pregame commentary motivated Booker’s superhuman effort is unclear.

There appears to be little love lost between the Lakers and Suns. Last month, one star from the latter called the former the worst team in the conference. LeBron James also doesn’t appear to have a ton of love in his heart for Phoenix.

And all the cheap shots that occurred in last year’s playoffs largely speak for themselves.

Hopefully at some point in the foreseeable future the Lakers get back on track and actually become competitive with the Suns again. Because this pairing has all the makings of a great rivalry – one of the teams just needs to get good again first.

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