Brittany Mahomes’ Chiefs Game Outfit Earns Mixed Reactions (Photos)

Brittany Mahomes’ Chiefs Game Outfit Earns Mixed Reactions (Photos)

The Kansas City Chiefs made a big statement with their victory over the Las Vegas Raiders this week.

In an outing filled with players losing their tempers both during and after the game, Brittany Mahomes once again found a way to steal the show.

Prior to kickoff, Patrick Mahomes’ wife took to the field to take some glam shots of her outfit for the night.

The photos largely speak for themselves:

Brittany Mahomes’ Chiefs Game Outfit Earns Mixed Reactions (Photos) 1 Brittany Mahomes’ Chiefs Game Outfit Earns Mixed Reactions (Photos) 2 Brittany Mahomes’ Chiefs Game Outfit Earns Mixed Reactions (Photos) 3

Fans were mixed on how they felt about Brittany’s choice of attire.

“Not loving that look,” one person wrote.

“You look beautiful,” another countered.

“Why the hell does she have a roped off photo area?” a third mused. “She’s literally nothing important or special.”

Another fan disagreed.

“Seriously my highlight is your game day looks!” the person wrote. “Brings so much life! Keep doing you.”

This isn’t the first time in recent months Brittany has blown up online in this fashion. Between the wild dress she opted to wear last week and her provocative wardrobe one week prior to that – it has been one thing after another with her.

Brittany always finds a way to work herself into the headlines. Some have tried to make the case that this tendency actually really negatively impacts Patrick from a mental standpoint.

A very specific example tends to get cited in order to make this point.

But despite all that, Patrick constantly welcomes his blushing bride to the sidelines for all his games. So clearly he wants her there – and obviously he approves of her being the way she is.

Plus, it’s very obvious that Patrick has a lot of fun with Brittany when she is around. One only needs to look as far as their wild vacation photos together to see that’s true.

This is a defining year for the Chiefs. When they won their Super Bowl in 2020, the assumption was that it would be the first of many. That this was a dynasty-in-the-making which would rule the NFL a la Tom Brady’s New England Patriots squads.

To date, Kansas City has yet to deliver on those expectations.

If Patrick can guide his squad to another Super Bowl this year, he and Brittany will reclaim their positions atop the football world.

For now, though – they’re just a power couple in the NFL. Not the power couple in the NFL.

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