Bradley Beal’s Wife Kamiah’s Father’s Day Video Goes Viral

Bradley Beal's Wife Kamiah’s Father’s Day Video Goes Viral

Bradley Beal has a very big summer ahead of him. By the time next season begins, he will either have committed long-term to the Washington Wizards or he will be wearing a brand new uniform.

His decision will ultimately have massive ramifications for not only whoever he ends up with, but the league as a whole.

That said – his future isn’t why Bradley Beal went viral on Sunday.

Rather, the reason the multiple time All-Star found himself blowing up on social media is because of a video that his wife Kamiah posted of their Father’s Day celebration.

The clip largely speaks for itself:

With Twitter being what it is these days, the responses to the clip were largely what you would expect:

Big picture, Bradley Beal is a name to watch in the coming days and weeks. As things presently stand, he has been very honest in regards to how he feels about the Wizards.

There is one squad making a very hard push for him at the moment, but chatter about the Los Angeles Lakers trying to make something happen on this front is intensifying. And where there’s this much smoke, there’s usually fire.

And don’t forget, Kamiah once offered her two cents on her husband possibly ending up in purple and gold.

One way or another, Bradley Beal’s future will be decided in the coming days and weeks. So it’s good that he, Kamiah and the family had a chance to relax. Because things are about to get crazy.

Where will he end up when it’s all said and done?

Time will tell.

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