Skip Bayless’ Racial Stephen Curry Comment Sparks Outrage

Skip Bayless’ Racial Stephen Curry Comment Sparks Outrage

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics last week to win the NBA championship.

Stephen Curry was incredible from start to finish in the series, ultimately claiming his first ever career Finals MVP along the way.

One person who wasn’t impressed with his efforts? Fox Sports broadcaster Skip Bayless.

In a rant on Undisputed, Bayless went after Curry’s skin color while criticizing his play.

“I don’t care what Twitter says, I don’t care what anyone says, I just know what I did and did not see from little light-skinned Steph,” he said.

“There have been too many times when he got so light-skinned in the Finals I couldn’t see him any more, because he turned into a ghost. He just went ‘Poof!’ right before your very eyes.”

Yikes. Understandably, folks on social media had some strong reactions to Bayless’ commentary:

Bayless is obviously no stranger to stirring up drama involving athletes (or their wives, for that matter). But there is a line, and some believe he may have crossed it here.

It’s also hard not to wonder if certain celebrity friends haven’t emboldened Bayless to the point where he feels he can speak some type of way about people of color.

Either way, this feels like something Bayless will need to address next week.

Will he end up doing so?

Time will tell.

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