Bradley Beal’s Wife Reacts To Lakers, Wizards Trade Idea

Bradley Beal’s Wife Reacts To Lakers, Wizards Trade Idea

The Los Angeles Lakers are heading into a very important offseason. Fresh off winning their 17th championship in franchise history, the team is facing a litany of player opt outs and potential trades. There is a good chance that LA’s roster in 2020-21 will look dramatically different than the one that just won the title.

This past week, Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Snoop Dogg all sat down on Fox Sports’ Undisputed to discuss the Lakers’ impressive run and where the organization goes from here.

“We gonna bring some pieces in,” Sharpe said. “Don’t think we set. We not set.”

“You know Bradley Beal just moved to L.A., huh?” Snoop Dogg asked the panel.

“If we get Bradley Beal it’s over for the next three years,” Sharpe replied.

“How are you gonna fit him under the cap?” Bayless countered.

“Don’t worry about it,” Sharpe replied.

“Somebody gotta go,” Snoop Dogg acknowledged.

One person who seems to be intrigued by the prospect of Beal in Los Angeles? His wife, Kamiah Adams-Beal.

So how feasible is Beal wearing purple and gold in the foreseeable future?

First and foremost – Sharpe is right. Beal did recently purchase a beautiful 7,200 square foot mansion with 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms for $6.8 million. That said, a rich celebrity moving to LA is hardly an indication that they are joining the Lakers.

As Bayless alluded to, there are some very real salary cap restrictions at play that preclude any deal for Beal. The Lakers lack the assets or the space to realistically make a trade like this happen.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Lakers Twitter from going nuts about the move.

That said, other Lakers fans understand the reality of the situation.

Bottom line — barring the Wizards front office actively attempting to sabotage the franchise, there is no scenario in which they will do a deal with the Lakers.

The pieces on LA’s side simply are not there.

Would it be fun to see Beal alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis? Absolutely. Will it happen? Definitely not.

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