Big Cat, KFC, Coley Mick Appear On Mickstape To Talk Tyler, Barstool  

Big Cat, KFC, Coley Mick Appear On Mickstape To Talk Tyler, Barstool  

Big Cat, KFC, Coley Mick Appear On Mickstape To Talk Tyler, Barstool  

One of Barstool Sports’ most popular podcasts is in a state of flux right now due to controversial comments made by company founder Dave Portnoy.

Several weeks ago, an old video featuring Portnoy, Big Cat and KFC was unearthed and posted to Twitter. In the video, the trio said controversial things about Colin Kaepernick and Palestinians. Things escalated from there, with a racial controversy erupting within the ranks of Barstool Sports.

As a result of that controversy, one of the company’s most popular black talents, Tyler, is now contemplating leaving Barstool.

This week, Tyler opted to take a hiatus from his Mickstape podcast and was replaced by Big Cat and KFC. They, along with Tyler’s co-host Coley, discussed a number of issues.

According to Coley, he informed the CEO of Barstool, Erika Nardini, that the podcast would not continue if Tyler left the company. He would simply shut it down.

Coley, Big Cat and KFC all agreed that the hope within their organization was that Tyler would return sooner rather than later.

The trio also brought up how outspoken Tyler was on issues pertaining to black America, namely the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. Tyler was also apparently one of the first people to bring up all the good Maya Moore was doing, before it became cool to do so on Twitter.

Coley, Big Cat and KFC all agreed that Portnoy’s handling of the original video release was bad. That said, they still backed their boss for how much editorial freedom he gave his employees and how unique of a platform for ideas he had created.

Overall, the sentiment seemed to be that none of the trio would ever consider leaving Barstool, and that they hoped Tyler would return as well.

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