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Nebraska Preparing To Fire Scott Frost This Season?

Nebraska Preparing To Fire Scott Frost This Season?

Nebraska Preparing To Fire Scott Frost This Season?

Scott Frost’s run at Nebraska has been underwhelming, to say the least.

When he first arrived on the scene after his stint at UCF, there was a lot of enthusiasm for what the 45-year-old would bring to the table. However, that enthusiasm quickly dissipated.

To date, Frost has gone 9-15. That is not great.

Looking ahead to next season, it is difficult to see a scenario where the Huskers fare much better than they have the last few seasons.

There is a very good chance that Nebraska will fall to either Purdue or Cincinnati in September.

In October, a loss to Ohio State is a guarantee – but it probably will not be the only one. Rutgers with Greg Schiano back at the helm will be tough to beat, as will Illinois.

Two months into the season, Frost will likely already have at least two defeats on his record – but maybe as many as four.

Then comes November, which will be absolutely brutal for the Huskers. Inevitable losses to Penn State, Iowa and Minnesota await.

That means heading into bowl season, there is a very good chance Nebraska will have at least five losses on its record – but probably at least a few more.

And people really believe Frost’s job will be safe when he puts forth a season like that after having already accumulated a 9-15 record through his first 24 outings at the school? Please.

Barring a miracle of some sort, Frost is as good as gone sooner rather than later.

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