Soccer Writer Drew Pells Fired For ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Tweet

Soccer Writer Drew Pells Fired For ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Tweet

Soccer Writer Drew Pells Fired For ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Tweet

Soccer writer Drew Pells was fired this week for an “I can’t breathe” tweet that many people found offensive.

Major League Soccer returned on Wednesday night after a COVID-inspired suspension.

During a game between Orlando City SC and Inter Miami, VAVEL USA writer Drew Pells remarked that an injury to player Andres Reyes was a “real” moment of not being able to breathe, not a media manufactured one.

“This is a real ‘I can’t breathe’ moment, not one manufactured by the media,” he tweeted.

“Thoughts and prayers. Hope Reyes is okay.”

The reaction to Pells’ swift was immediate and deeply negative.

In a statement released the same evening, VAVEL USA announced that their relationship with the writer had come to an end.

“At VAVEL we are in favor of freedom of speech, however, our greater commitment is always to exalt the most important sports journalism values such as respect and diversity,” the statement read.

Pells, for his part, does not seem deterred by what has transpired. He tweeted through the incident and is continuing to double down on his position.

Currently, Pells has 441 followers on Twitter. It will be interesting to see if that following grows over the next few days.

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