Bengals QB Joe Burrow’s Incredible Outfit Goes Viral (Photos)

Bengals QB Joe Burrow’s Incredible Outfit Goes Viral (Photos)

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has unmatched swagger. He had it as a stud college player at LSU, and somehow it has grown considerably over the course of his two short years in the NFL.

Burrow’s trademark confidence was on display two weeks ago when he laid a smackdown on the Las Vegas Raiders in the Wild Card round. It was then even more evident last week when he guided the Bengals to a victory over the prohibitive favorite Tennessee Titans.

You can also see it every single time his doting girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher, posts anything about him.

And you could really see it based on his choice of outfit ahead of the Bengals’ AFC Championship Game showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs. The photo speaks for itself:

Bengals QB Joe Burrow’s Incredible Outfit Goes Viral (Photos) 1

Unrivaled swagger.

Whereas his opponent’s girlfriend can’t stop irritating America and promoting awful t-shirts, Burrow is out here redefining cool with every step he takes.

The reactions to Burrow’s outfit choice largely speak for themselves:

At this point, Burrow is playing with house money. Nobody expected the Bengals to be here, and nobody expects them to unseat the Chiefs. Adult film stars are throwing themselves at him no matter what.

If Burrow ultimately does the impossible, though. If he defeats the Jackson Mahomes Mafia and leads Cincinnati to the Super Bowl – he will become a legend unlike one the world has ever seen before.

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