Brittany Matthews’ T-Shirt Sparks Controversy (Photos)

Brittany Matthews’ T-Shirt Sparks Controversy (Photos)

Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany Matthews once again found herself at the center of a media firestorm this past week.

Last Sunday, following a memorable showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills that saw the former prevail, Matthews opted to celebrate by spraying the crowd below her with champagne.

Understandably, that irked some folks.

Matthews decided to respond to the criticism she received last week by jumping aboard an initiative to paint her in a more positive light.

This tweet largely speaks for itself:

While the cause Matthews has committed herself to is obviously a noble one, the strings attached led to some social media disagreement.

A lot of fans felt like the charitable initiative was simply an excuse to promote Matthews in a more positive light amid recent controversies.

That said, some folks appreciated Matthews’ move.

Matthews has often found herself as a divisive figure in recent years.

Between her racial tweets hullabaloo and fighting off accusations about her changing body, she is no stranger to standing against online critique.

It feels like if Matthews is in the news these days, it’s either for the backlash she’s receiving or for doing something risqué like her infamous twerking video or the time she and Mahomes got really frisky on a boat.

For better or worse, she likely isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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