Bengals’ Joe Burrow’s Classy Move After Damar Hamlin Situation

Bengals’ Joe Burrow’s Classy Move After Damar Hamlin Situation

The sports world came to a complete halt on Monday night following a scary incident that occurred during a game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills.

Damar Hamlin, a safety for the Bills, suffered cardiac arrest early in the outing and first responders had to perform 10 minutes of CPR on him.

Eventually, Hamlin’s heartbeat was restored.

The Bengals-Bills game was initially delayed pending an update on Hamlin’s status. Shortly thereafter, it was called off altogether.

A number of people stepped up and did what was right on Monday night – including Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

“Was told that after the teams were brought back in to wait inside, QB Joe Burrow gathered the Bengals captains and they walked over as a group to the Bills’ locker room to check on the Buffalo players,” Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated reported.

“In these sorts of situations, NFL players take care of each other.”

A truly meaningful gesture. For all the talk about how football players are in a brotherhood, fans rarely get an inside glimpse into whether or not that is true.

On Monday, it became clear that it is.

Burrow’s classy actions stand in particularly stark contrast to Fox Sports 1 broadcaster Skip Bayless’. Which probably explains why Bayless’ co-host, Shannon Sharpe, is rumored to be done with him.

Over the past couple of years Burrow has been in the headlines for everything from his winning ways, to his bedroom prowess, to his incredible swagger.

But his actions after the Bengals-Bills game got suspended really put into clarity the type of person he truly is.

The entire nation is sending well wishes for Hamlin because this is one of those unifying events that really puts life and what’s important into perspective. It also shows people’s true colors. And that is precisely what ended up happening on Monday night.

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