Baker Mayfield’s Wife’s Outfit Hints Which NFL Team They Prefer

Baker Mayfield's Wife’s Outfit Hints Which NFL Team They Prefer

Baker Mayfield’s wife Emily has been an important part of his NFL career up to this point.

Throughout the former Oklahoma star’s successes and failures in the pros, she has been a pillar of stability for him.

Recently, Emily took to social media to share some interesting photos.

With Baker a free agent this summer, many fans came away with the impression that she was sending a message about his next team.

Emily being adorned in Los Angeles Rams gear in all these is telling. And fans noticed.

“Really pray that Baker stays with the Rams,” one fan wrote. “He’s been such a blessing, giving us the best games of the season. I know he’ll have options but hope they can work it out so you guys stay here.”

Last season Baker spent the final five games of the year with the Rams. Aside from two solid performances against the hapless Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders, his numbers didn’t differ much from what they were with the Carolina Panthers.

For the year Baker’s completion percentage hovered around 60 percent – which is right about his career average.

Whether that is enough to earn him another look from the Rams remains to be seen.

Matthew Stafford has indicated that he plans to return in 2023-24. That means he gets first dibs at being L.A.’s starting quarterback. That said, injuries have been an issue for him throughout his entire career and it wouldn’t be all that shocking to see history repeat itself.

Is Baker the right person to have backing him up if that occurs? It’s debatable.

Either way, no matter what happens, Emily will likely be a mainstay by her husband’s side regardless of what the future holds. Whether she is sharing their wild date night photos or crazy Halloween pictures, she is a permanent fixture in Baker’s life.

Even during the tough times, during Baker’s DMs scandal, Emily never wavered.

Time will tell where Baker ultimately plays next year. It could be in Los Angeles, or it could be elsewhere.

Either way, though – Emily will undoubtedly support him no matter what every step of the way.

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