Dak Prescott’s New Girlfriend Is LSU Star Jadyn Jannasch (Photos)

Dak Prescott’s New Girlfriend Is LSU Star Jadyn Jannasch (Photos)

Dak Prescott and his new girlfriend, LSU star Jadyn Jannasch, have had a very busy week.

Last Sunday Prescott’s Dallas Cowboys fell in disappointing fashion to the San Francisco 49ers. The loss ended their season and led to a series of very uncomfortable questions about whether this particular group, as currently comprised, can ever truly win meaningful games.

In addition to all that, yesterday news emerged that Prescott and his longtime girlfriend Natalie Buffett had quietly ended things.

On Thursday, a new twist to the story emerged – Prescott is now reportedly dating Jannasch.

Jannasch, for those who don’t follow college athletics, is a star swimmer for LSU. She also has a notable presence online, with more than 5,000 followers across her various accounts.

While Jannasch obviously doesn’t get the sort of engagement on her photos as fellow LSU athlete Olivia Dunne gets on stuff like her shower selfies, she does put up roughly the numbers that Dunne’s sister gets.

And with this news of her and Prescott emerging, Jannasch star power will only grow from here.

This will be an interesting offseason for Prescott and the Cowboys, romantic entanglements notwithstanding.

Dallas was built to, at the very least, compete for a Super Bowl in 2022-23. The fact that their season ended the way it did, again, is devastating.

Plus, it’s also impossible to ignore the fact that the defense did its part.

The Cowboys lost to the 49ers last weekend because of the offense. That is something Prescott will need to live with all summer and then rebound from next year.

How Jannasch will assist him in getting his mind right remains to be seen.

Will Prescott and Jannasch ultimately still be dating by the time the Cowboys’ 2023-24 NFL season rolls around? Time will tell.

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