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Auburn Cheated Out Of Win vs Alabama In Iron Bowl (Video)

Auburn Cheated Out Of Win vs Alabama In Iron Bowl (Video)

Alabama earned a memorable 24-22 four overtime victory over arch-rival Auburn in Saturday’s Iron Bowl.

Unfortunately, the win did not come without controversy.

With just over a minute left in the fourth quarter and his team down by seven, Alabama’s Bryce Young led his squad on a 12-play, 97-yard touchdown drive. Team wide receiver Ja’Corey Brooks, who came into this one with all of two catches on the year, secured the game-tying, 28-yard touchdown catch with 24 seconds left.

Or so it seemed.

Video of the play, however, quite clearly showed Brooks pushing off against cornerback Jaylin Simpson to create space for his touchdown grab.

If not for that sequence of events, Auburn could have emerged from this one with a victory. Instead, Alabama ultimately prevailed and now lives to fight another day for a National Championship.

In a season marred with bad call after bad call after bad call, it’s sad that officials couldn’t even get this right when the stakes were so high.

Big picture, this hasn’t been the greatest of campaigns for college football. Between an SEC reporter being blasted for her overly “revealing” wardrobe and blatant bullying of team staff, there have been a lot of black marks against the sport. But none as bad as the officiating.

Hopefully at some point some point someone steps in and does something about the refereeing in college football. If this sort of thing continues, it will do irreparable damage to the integrity of the sport.

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