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ASU Fan’s Wild Video At College Football Game Goes Viral

ASU Fan’s Wild Video At College Football Game Goes Viral

Arizona State University was never Alabama when it came to its college football program, but it did once enjoy some years of moderate respectability.

This season, all of that has gone out the window. The Sun Devils are 3-6 on the year and have been an absolute disaster with the exception of one stunning showing against Washington.

Understandably, ASU fans have checked out. There are only so many close outings that eventually go the other team’s way that you can watch before you’re over the whole thing.

This week, the depths of ASU fan despair reached new levels when eagle-eyed fans noticed what one girl was doing in the stands:

Fan reactions to the clip were largely what you would expect given the school involved:

Obviously this is a little less sexy than what an LSU fan was busted doing at one of their games (before they became good again in the latter half of the season), but it’s still pretty funny nevertheless.

In a college football season filled with Olivia Dunne wearing basically nothing to Tigers games, Tennessee cheerleaders going wild and cameramen zooming in on attractive Florida fans – this is just par for the course.

Arizona State has games on the books against Washington State, Oregon State and Arizona.

Barring something crazy occurring, the Sun Devils will likely go 1-2 – with the lone victory coming against Arizona.

Then again, given how this season has gone thus far, who even knows anymore.

Will ASU ever get back to being a somewhat formidable football program?

Time will tell.

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