Army Trainer’s Quick Thinking Saves West Point Player’s Life

Army Trainer’s Quick Thinking Saves West Point Player’s Life

Army associate trainer Rachel Leahy was recognized as a hero this week after her quick thinking saved the life of a West Point hockey player.

The player in question, junior Eric Huss, suffered a brutal neck injury from a skate that sliced him.

That prompted Leahy to jump into action.

Leahy’s rapid response time coupled with her expert instincts proved to be the difference.

“[Leahy] prevented a serious injury from becoming catastrophic,” Atlantic Hockey Online wrote. “Leahy was the first person to Huss after the forward was cut by an inadvertent skate blade and remained by his side to control the bleeding from the time they left the ice until Huss arrived at the hospital and entered the emergency room.

“Huss underwent surgery Thursday evening to close the wound and is expected to make a full recovery from his injury.”

As a ‘thank you’ for her service, Leahy was named Atlantic Hockey’s ‘Player of the Week.’

On the heels of a heroic member of the Buffalo Bills saving the life of safety Damar Hamlin, seeing something similar occur in the collegiate game is truly inspiring.

Sports has a lot of negative stories on a regular basis. Players behaving badly. Coaches disappointing their programs. Fathers embarrassing their sons.

In the face of all that, it is wonderful to get a true feel-good story of this nature.

Leahy is an undeniable hero – and it’s great that she is getting the credit she deserves for being one.

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