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J.J. McCarthy’s Girlfriend, Dad Cause A Stir At Michigan Game (Video)

J.J. McCarthy’s Girlfriend, Dad Cause A Stir At Michigan Game (Video)

J.J. McCarthy’s girlfriend Katya Kuropas and other family members were shown by cameras frequently during Saturday’s bowl game between Michigan and TCU.

At first, everyone seemed to love all the shots of McCarthy’s cheering session.

Kuropas, especially, was a major fan favorite.

But then things took a weird turn.

College football fans are a fearless bunch, so they wasted no time weighing on what happened.

The responses were largely what you would expect:

This obviously wasn’t a storyline anyone expected to see coming out of this game, but here we are.

Bowl games are obviously stressful. When there is a National Championship Game slot on the line, that stress increases exponentially. All of that can definitely lead to people doing crazy things. All that being said – yikes.

Any way you want to cut it, 2022 was a weird year in college football. A player got hit by a car after becoming embroiled in a love triangle with a staffer. Steve Sarkisian descended into insanity for no reason. People did weird stuff in the stands.

But somehow what happened at the Michigan game on Saturday was the oddest occurrence of them all.

Time will tell if McCarthy or his family opt to address this situation publicly in any capacity.

Either way, though – things will probably be a little awkward around the dinner table at New Year’s as the family brings in 2023.

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