Tom Brady’s Odd Photos With Son Cause A Stir

Tom Brady’s Odd Photos With Son Cause A Stir

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has had a rough year from both a personal and professional perspective.

The tough times continued this weekend, when a series of photos he posted with his family came under intense scrutiny.

Specifically, Brady posted a picture with his son that seemed to really catch people’s attention.

The imagery largely speaks for itself:

Tom Brady’s Odd Photos With Son Cause A Stir 1

Brady’s showcase of love for his kids irked some people enough that they felt the need to take to social media and address it.

The reactions varied:

Brady has obviously had a 2022 to forget.

Between his divorce, his wife immediately bouncing back with another man, his own teammates mocking him over his marriage woes, small children mocking him over his marriage woes and the woman who everyone assumed he was dating actually having an athlete husband – it has been one issue after another.

And that is to say nothing of his football-related problems. The Buccaneers are currently 7-8 and only in the playoffs because the NFC South is historically bad this year. Brady himself is on pace to throw half as many touchdowns this season as he did last.

Not great.

This most recent headache is the last thing Brady needed.

Hopefully at some point in the foreseeable future the GOAT’s luck turns around. Because nothing would be more hilarious than him having the worst NFL season of his life and then still winning a Super Bowl.

By any objective measure, 2022 was a year to forget for Brady. Will 2023 prove to be better? Time will tell.

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