Anthony Davis Gets Brutally Honest About LeBron James Relationship

Anthony Davis Gets Brutally Honest About LeBron James Relationship

Anthony Davis signed a three-year, $186 million max extension with the Los Angeles Lakers this week.

In doing so, the 30-year-old earned the honor of receiving the richest annual extension in league history.

One of the key byproducts of this agreement is that Davis’ partnership with Lakers star LeBron James will continue.

Last season, there were some questions about the pair’s bond and how much longer they can co-exist together. It got to the point where Davis had to come out and address their ‘strained’ relationship.

This week, Davis once again took questions about the pair’s dynamic head on.

“Me and Bron have one of the best relationships I think in the NBA as far as duos or teammates, regardless,” Davis told Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

“But they don’t see that. They don’t see the stuff we do off the court and time we hang out with each other. They see on-court stuff.”

The purported issues between James and Davis went both ways.

James, for his part, had to seemed have some very specific problems with Davis, too.

When they are on the court, Davis and James are a formidable duo.

Throughout his stint in purple and gold Davis has averaged 24.6 points and 10.1 rebounds per game. Over the course of 21 postseason outings he has averaged more than 27 points per game.

That said – health has been an issue. Davis played in a mere 36 outings during the 2020-21 season and just 40 in 2021-22.

Last year Davis played in 56 games, his second-most ever as a Laker, and the team wound up making the Western Conference Finals.

A lot of Davis’ relationship with James is dictated by how the team is performing. When both are healthy and L.A. is playing well – they’re good.

When the Lakers struggle, so does their relationship.

What will Davis and James ultimately be able to accomplish together in the 2023-24 NBA season? Time will tell.

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