Anthony Davis Addresses ‘Strained’ Relationship With LeBron James

Anthony Davis Addresses ‘Strained’ Relationship With LeBron James

Anthony Davis’ relationship with his Los Angeles Lakers teammate LeBron James has come under increased scrutiny in recent weeks.

Fans, media and former players alike haven’t been able to ignore the signs of a strained dynamic that seems to exist between the pair.

What started out as whispers of a potential beef have turned into full on screams about them no longer getting along.

That said, neither man had commented on the situation.

This week, Davis finally decided to break his silence.

In a conversation with Dave McMenamin of ESPN, Davis shined a light on where his relationship with James truly stands at the moment.

“From the outside looking in, they don’t know,” he said. “It’s not for them to know seriously, but me and Bron are fine. You can tell when we had our moments, for sure. But I think it’s people just looking for a story.”

McMenamin is essentially known for two things: his very famous girlfriend and his innate ability to pry the truth out of Lakers players.

If Davis is saying him and James are good to McMenamin, they likely are.

That being said, there is a reason people have said what they have said about the pair. While behind closed doors they may be all good, in front of the cameras they have shown signs of not being on the same page.

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the Lakers’ season goes.

Clearly the team is on something of a run at the moment.

If that run culminates in them winning another NBA championship or coming close to it, all of the past drama will immediately be forgotten.

Should that not occur, then Davis and James will undoubtedly have to answer more questions about their relationship and their future over the offseason.

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