Do Lakers’ LeBron James And Anthony Davis Not Get Along?

Do Lakers’ LeBron James And Anthony Davis Not Get Along?

LeBron James and Anthony Davis won one championship together with the Los Angeles Lakers, but many would argue that they have still underperformed as a duo.

L.A. failed to make the playoffs altogether last season and looked to be on the same track this year until a NBA Trade Deadline swap that appears to have salvaged their run.

Part of the issue, it would appear, is that James and Davis don’t really seem to vibe too well.

According to Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd, this is an ongoing issue.

“I’d been tipped by somebody around the Lakers that said LeBron and AD, after that reaction to LeBron breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record, they’re not boys. It’s not hostile, but they’re not guys, right?” Cowherd said.

“You can tell from body language.”

For Cowherd, the relationship is just two guys who need each other to win. Not two guys who actually genuinely like and respect one another.

“I think there is a feeling LeBron feels like he kind of needs him for at least this year because I had been told, in the last year, there are times LeBron is disappointed,” Cowherd added.

“[Davis] came in post-bubble out of shape. It was his turn to sort of triumphantly take the team. When LeBron’s missing, AD’s often not playing as well. … And there’s been some disappointment in the LeBron camp.”

It will be interesting to see where the Lakers go from here. Malika Andrews’ recent confession about them was telling.

But there have been a lot of rumblings in recent weeks about something being amiss between James and Davis.

Generally speaking, when there is this much smoke surrounding something, usually there is fire.

If the Lakers can make a late-season run and do some damage in the playoffs, obviously all this conversation will be moot.

Should L.A. struggle again, though – it wouldn’t be too surprising to see these issues bubble back up to the surface.

How will Davis, James and the Lakers ultimately react to everyone doubting them the way they currently are? One way or another, an answer should emerge soon enough.

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