Anthony Davis, LeBron James Lakers Rift Rumors Intensify

Anthony Davis, LeBron James Lakers Rift Rumors Intensify

Anthony Davis and LeBron James obviously won an NBA title together in the first year of their partnership.

Unfortunately, since then, things have gotten harder.

The Lakers can’t win. There is talk of infighting between the team’s two biggest stars. And even if all parties get on the same page about this, the franchise’s fortunes are unlikely to change.

This week Garnett appeared on the Ticket And The Truth podcast and suggested there may be some trouble in paradise.

“Bron goes down with his foot… This is the time where the Lakers are sitting back to see the Anthony Davis project…” said Garnett.

“This is featuring Anthony Davis to see what he can do in these two weeks to maneuver the Lakers… If this doesn’t really move anything… I think they come off the Anthony Davis project and move him this summer.”

Garnett didn’t stop there, though.

“I saw how he looked when the biggest moment in sports, your teammate, he accomplished something that none of us could. But the energy wasn’t there… No one wants to say this s*it… They ain’t rocking.”

Garnett generally keeps it pretty real. Whether he is naming the new Michael Jordan of this Era  or naming the best player in the NBA today, he always tends the truth.

And there is no reason to assume this is the exception to the rule.

Will Davis and James eventually be able to prove the doubters wrong and succeed in L.A. together at some point? Or will all the naysayers who say the Lakers earned a bubble title with an asterisk during COVID double down on their sentiments.

One way or another time will tell soon enough.

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