Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Mallory Edens’ Provocative New Photos

Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Mallory Edens’ Provocative New Photos

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend Mallory Edens shared some provocative new photos this week.

Amid Rodgers’ continued trade drama with the Green Bay Packers, and despite Edens’ Milwaukee Bucks fighting for their lives in the first-round of the NBA playoffs, she still found a way to set the internet ablaze with her wild new pictures.

Over the past few years Edens has become something of a basketball social media influencer in large part due to her place as a Bucks heiress. Her father is the current team owner and a prominent fixture as it pertains to all things related to the team.

In addition to constantly being seen at NBA games, Edens has become a major star among NFL fans as well after she reportedly began to date Rodgers.

Between their intimate photos together and all the incessant chatter about their romance, Rodgers and Edens have become a mainstay in the headlines.

All of which explains why Edens’ provocative new photos blew up online this week.

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This obviously isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Edens has set the internet ablaze in this particular fashion. Between her wild vacation pictures and choice of outfits to Bucks games, it has been one thing after another with her.

The buzz from her most recent photos is just par for the course.

Do Rodgers and Edens currently rise to the level of other prominent sports couples like Russell Wilson and Ciara? Obviously not. There is a reason the latter duo’s intimate dance video from this week went mega-viral on Thursday.

But they also aren’t that far behind either. And for whatever reason, Rodgers and Edens’ massive age gap doesn’t appear to command the sort of criticism that other couples like Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan seem to receive.

Big picture, it will be interesting to see how Rodgers’ short-term football fortunes influence his relationship with Edens. Currently one major roadblock is serving as an impediment to what at one point seemed like an inevitable trade to the New York Jets.

Barring something changing, Rodgers may be forced to confront a reality where he either remains with the Packers next season or has to retire.

What sort of impact would something like that end up having on Rodgers and Edens? One way or another, an answer will emerge soon enough.

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