Aaron Rodgers, Mallory Edens Get Intimate At NBA Game (Video)

Aaron Rodgers, Mallory Edens Get Intimate At NBA Game (Video)

Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens went public with their relationship in early January of this year.

Although most sensed something might be brewing between the pair when she spent Rodgers’ birthday with him, neither side seemed to want to confirm the details.

While that has obviously changed since then, eagle-eyed NFL and NBA fans couldn’t help but notice that hints about the pair’s relationship had been dropped prior to their big reveal.

In fact, during a recent NBA game, Rodgers and Edens displayed the sort of intimacy that you generally only see from couples.

In hindsight, it was so obvious.

This has been a crazy year for Rodgers on the romantic front. Between his decision to start dating a witch, subsequent messy breakup with her and his ex-girlfriend Shailene Woodley getting over him by making out with A-List actress, he has been a permanent fixture in the entertainment news cycle.

Edens, a Milwaukee Bucks heiress, initially rose to social media prominence for showing off her wild outfits on social media. In recent years, though, she has really established herself as a popular influencer with a lot of cache among sports fans.

Obviously Rodgers being 39 years old and Edens being 26 years old raised some eyebrows, but that sort of age gap is becoming increasingly common in this particular world.

Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, and Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, have a significantly larger separation in age. Nobody seems to mind.

Love life affairs notwithstanding, the next few months will be huge for Rodgers. His Packers are going to need to decide whether they want to reload and go for a Super Bowl in 2024, or if it is time to blow everything up and rebuild.

If they opt for the latter, Rodgers is likely gone.

As for Edens, the Bucks will likely be legitimate contenders for an NBA title this year. So as the team makes a deep playoff run, she will definitely be there supporting them each step of the way.

Will Rodgers be sitting by Edens’ side as she takes in future Bucks games? Probably.

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