4 Frontrunners To Sign Derrick Rose After Knicks Exit

4 Frontrunners To Sign Derrick Rose After Knicks Exit

The New York Knicks decided not to pick up Derrick Rose’s $15.6 million team option for next season.

As a result, the 34-year-old is set to hit free agency this summer.

Although Rose didn’t really get the opportunity to do much of anything in New York last year (there’s a reason the only thing he made headlines for was his wild photos with his wife and his baby mama), there is still optimism that he has something left in the tank.

In the right situation – ideally he would be a beneficial add-on to a championship-contending squad.

According to Steve Popper of Newsday, four frontrunners have emerged from Rose’s services: the Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls.

“There are contending teams — the Lakers, Suns, Celtics or even a return to his hometown Bulls — who could have minutes available at point guard for Rose,” he wrote.

It’s worth remembering, Rose has been linked to Los Angeles quite frequently over the past few years. It never quite materialized for both sides, but there was always interest there.

With Chris Paul being traded to the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers’ best chance at obtaining a veteran point guard vanished. Rose could be a solid alternative.

If not the Lakers, Phoenix also makes a ton of sense. Obviously Rose can’t be a starting point guard for a championship team. But in limited minutes on a superstar-laden roster like the one the Suns boast? He could definitely be impactful.

As for Boston – Marcus Smart’s exit leaves them with a huge gap at the point guard spot. Rose would fit nicely and it would likely give him his best opportunity at winning a championship out of all the available options.

Finally, the Chicago reunion is self-explanatory. Rose has been very clear about what the Bulls mean to him.

One way or another, Rose will get the opportunity to shine somewhere else in 2022-23. Where will he be playing come the beginning of next season? Time will tell.

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