LSU Star Hailey Van Lith’s Wild Vacation Photos Cause A Stir

LSU Star Hailey Van Lith's Wild Vacation Photos Cause A Stir

LSU star Hailey Van Lith’s decision to transfer out from Louisville this summer sent massive reverberations throughout the entire college basketball world.

The Tigers won a National Championship last season without Van Lith. Easily, no less. Caitlyn Clark had nothing for them in that last game.

Add in a burgeoning talent like Van Lith and you have the recipe for a very potent title frontrunner heading into next season.

All that being said, before Van Lith can embark on a mission to win a championship, she still has an offseason to get through. How is she passing the time? By going on a little vacation.

This week Van Lith shared the wild photos from her trip on social media.

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It goes without saying that this isn’t the first time in recent months that Van Lith has blown up online in this fashion. Between her wild photos at Louisville and memorable exchange with Donovan Mitchell, she has been a mainstay in the news cycle.

In many ways, it’s quite telling of Van Lith’s star power that in a week where Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods blew up over their wild outfits she still found a way to steal the hoops headlines.

She is that level of star.

Obviously LSU basically owns the world these days as far as collegiate talent goes.

Just last week Olivia Dunne’s hotel room video went mega-viral. Before that, her sister’s provocative pictures nearly melted the internet. Prior to that, Dak Prescott’s girlfriend racy boat party imagery set the world wide web ablaze. And then of course there was head football coach Brian Kelly’s daughter’s wild photos.

But Van Lith is as big a name as any of those other people. And if she thrives on the court with the Tigers – she could potentially eclipse them.

Will 2023 mark the year Van Lith’s star power officially goes supernova? One way or another, an answer will emerge soon enough.

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