Derrick Rose Gets Very Honest About Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose Gets Very Honest About Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose enjoyed the most impressive stretch of his entire career between 2008 and 2012 when he was a member of the Chicago Bulls. Over the course of three and a half seasons he consistently averaged upwards of 20 points and 7 assists per game en route to leading his squad to the top of the Eastern Conference.

In 2011, Rose became the youngest MVP in league history.

Obviously injuries ended up robbing Rose of a truly dominant run with his native Bulls, but that has not dampened the way he feels about playing the city of Chicago. In a recent autobiography, he detailed just how much it means to him every time he gets to play in the Windy City.

“Every game I play back in Chi I remember, because it’s love,” he wrote in his autobiography, I’ll Show You.

“I loved it because the people really came out. Even when they talked s*** about me, I know it’s only basketball … The ‘MVP’ chants were amazing. I always appreciate the love because Chi made me the man I am right now; my family is there. It’s great having that feeling of the crowd. It’s home.”

Rose also touched a bit on how he hopes his ability to persevere despite all his injuries stands as an example to young kids who go through similar trials and tribulations.

“That’s how I want my story to be, where you have to tune in just off the strength of what I overcame,” Rose added.

“I feel like every time I step on the floor it’s history. Like, I’m doing something nobody in my position did, what I went through.”

Rose doesn’t see himself quitting any time soon.

“I just want to be healthy and at peace.  I wanna stay in the league as long as possible. I’m just trying to Tom Brady this thing. That’s how I want my career to be, the older I get, you can’t say s*** if I’m productive … ‘Okay, he’s 37, 38. How the f*** is he still scoring?’

“I just want to be healthy, that’s it. Healthy and at peace. It’s one of the reasons I came to Detroit … I love it here.”

Rose also hopes to one day play for a title.

“I really feel, the longer I play, I’m going to win a championship,” he noted.

“I’m going to get on a team and I’m going to be on a good team and win a championship. I’ve just got to keep my body healthy enough to play that long.

“You can’t know what it was like, going through everything I had to get through with my injuries, my game, my life. I won’t be the last Derrick Rose. But as long as I tell my story and I’m honest about it, I hope it’s going to touch a lot of people.”

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