1 Major Roadblock Holding Up Kyrie Irving To Lakers Trade

1 Major Roadblock Holding Up Kyrie Irving To Lakers Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are in active conversations regarding a trade centering around Kyrie Irving.

Both teams want to make this happen.

Brooklyn is tired of Irving and all the nonsense that inevitably accompanies him. L.A. desperately needs to shake up the roster after a disastrous 2021-22 NBA season that saw them miss the playoffs altogether.

Unfortunately, one major roadblock remains in place that seems to be preventing this swap from going down.

That roadblock? Kevin Durant.

Durant too wants off the Nets, and the front office wants to see what they can get for him before moving forward in any other capacity.

“I do think at some point before they get to camp, Kyrie is playing for the Lakers,” NBA insider Brad Turner told Marc Stein this past week.

“The Lakers just have to be patient. From everything I’ve read & been told, the Nets will not do anything regarding Kyrie until they trade Kevin Durant.”

The proposals for Durant are out there. They’re a matter of public record at this juncture. The Lakers’ best offer for Durant is known. Same with the Boston Celtics’ best offer. And the Toronto Raptors’ best offer. And the Portland Trail Blazers’ best offer.

None have been deemed good enough.

And until that changes, Irving likely won’t find himself in purple and gold.

Obviously that isn’t great news for L.A. Russell Westbrook is getting testy. Same with Lakers fans, who chanted a particularly insulting 3-word message at him this week.

But nothing can be done.

This thing will move at the speed it needs to move at in order for the Durant trade to get done. Then all the other pieces will fall where they will.

Irving getting traded to the Lakers is likely inevitable. At the moment, however – the time table for when is very much up in the air.

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