Zion Williamson’s Bizarre Eating Habits Come To Light (Video)

Zion Williamson’s Bizarre Eating Habits Come To Light (Video)

Zion Williamson’s diet and weight have been the topic of intense conversations over the past few months.

There have been photos showing him looking incredibly huge. There have been ones depicting him as fairly lean. And yet through it all, despite which visuals you opt to believe, the fact remains: he has yet to suit up for the New Orleans Pelicans this season.

On Saturday, the Pelicans released a statement saying that Williamson had suffered a setback in his rehab process and would not be participating in basketball activities for the time being. Given the fact that he has now missed more career NBA games than he has played in, and in light of his notorious weight issues, the news led to an even closer inspection of his diet.

This week, NBA insider Skip Bayless appeared on ‘Undisputed’ and revealed the extent to which Williamson’s diet has gone off the tracks.

“I’m told his weight isn’t quite 330 (pounds),” he said. “But it’s more 310-ish, which is still a huge, huge problem. And yet the good news is that he just hired a trainer from LSU, [who] I’m told is very good. The bad news is he still likes to eat whole pizzas washed down with high-sugar soft drinks.”

Eating whole pizzas and washing them down with high-sugar soft drinks is not a recipe for improving one’s physical conditioning, obviously.

This entire situation doesn’t appear to be trending in the right direction. The Pelicans, sooner or later, are going to need to make a tough call. At the moment the front office seems concerned that Williamson will skip town. As a result of his disappointment with the team and his public love affair with one of the NBA’s most important squads, Williamson hasn’t done much to evoke confidence in his commitment to the Big Easy.

That said, do the Pelicans really want to commit nine figures to him? A guy who has yet to show any semblance of a professional spirit? Someone who cannot put the large pizzas and sugary drinks down?

New Orleans deserves a superstar. Many thought Williamson would be that guy. But at the moment, he is failing miserably to live up to the hype.

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