Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Reveals DM She Got From Jets Fan (Photos)

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Reveals DM She Got From Jets Fan (Photos)

The New York Jets benched Zach Wilson this week after his most recent poor showing against the New England Patriots.

In that outing he went 9-of-22 for 77 yards, only to then refuse to take the blame for the loss afterward.

The 23-year-old subsequently lost his gig shortly thereafter. His initial reaction to it was telling.

Not long after the Patriots game, Zach’s mom, Lisa, took to Instagram to share a DM she got from an angry Jets fan.

The message in question largely speaks for itself:

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Reveals DM She Got From Jets Fan (Photos) 1


It goes without saying that Zach isn’t a great quarterback at the moment. The preseason hype has been proven unjustified and he is presently unable to lead a surprisingly good squad in the way many hoped he would.

That being said, sending harassing messages to the moms of athletes is next level insanity.

Lisa is obviously no stranger to making headlines in her own right. Between her provocative birthday party photos, recent response to the plastic surgery accusations and wild outfits to his games, it has been one thing after another with her.

But while it is objectively fair to criticize her for her own deeds, sending her grotesque messages because her son is a bad quarterback is pretty low.

The Jets have a great team this year. Their defense is top 10-level and their offense can only go up from here. There is really no need for this sort of bitterness.

Hopefully all parties involved get better from here.

Zach should take this benching as a learning opportunity and realize he has lot of developing to do before he can take the reigns of a squad this good.

And Jets fans, well, they should just grow up.

New York has games looming against the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins. The most likely scenario is that they go 4-3 in that stretch, but the losses come against divisional foes.

Will Zach be able to work his way back into the starting lineup at some point? Will Lisa finally get a break from the haters on social media now that her boy is on the bench?

Time will tell.

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