Zach Wilson’s Girlfriend Shares Memorial Day Boat Party Photos

Zach Wilson’s Girlfriend Shares Memorial Day Boat Party Photos

Zach Wilson and his girlfriend Nicolette Dellanno have been making the most out of their NFL offseason together.

Ever since linking up last year, Wilson and Dellanno have been inseparable.

And while the former BYU star may have fallen out of favor as the New York Jets’ preferred quarterback of the future, his personal life appears to be going swimmingly.

This week Dellanno took to social media to share some photos from her and Wilson’s Memorial Day Weekend.

This obviously isn’t the first time in recent months Dellanno has found herself in the headlines. Between her wild birthday party pictures and intimate photos with Wilson, she has been a permanent fixture in the headlines.

Plus, in addition to all that, there is also just her general social media output – which never fails to leave an impression.

It is telling that in a week where Baker Mayfield’s wife’s provocative photos went viral, Dellanno still found a way to steal the show.

Big picture, it will be interesting to see what the addition of Aaron Rodgers means for Wilson going forward. He seems to have taken the move in stride, understanding that he now has the privilege of learning from one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Wilson’s mom, Lisa, had her own strong reaction to the Jets acquiring Rodgers.

But in the end, no matter how much Rodgers does or doesn’t teach him, a lot of this will come down to just how much work Wilson is willing to put in on the field and as far as winning over his teammates.

Thus far, he has been lacking in his ability to be a leader in the locker room.

Will that change as he matures and gets older? Time will tell.

Either way, whether Wilson gets an opportunity to shine with the Jets in the near future or not, his girlfriend will undoubtedly be there cheering him on every step of the way.

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