Zach Wilson Lands New Model After Abbey Gile Breakup (Photos)

Zach Wilson Lands New Model After Abbey Gile Breakup (Photos)

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson may have struggled at some points during his rookie campaign, but he seems to be doing quite well for himself off the field.

In early January news broke that Wilson and his then-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, had seemingly gone their separate ways.

Fast forward two months – and it appears as though the 22-year-old has moved on quite nicely.

As reported by the New York Post:

“Wilson seemed to soak up the sun with teammate Braxton Berrios and an unnamed blonde, who was photographed in a cream-colored bikini and dark sunglasses,” the New York Post noted. “Wilson and his party relaxed on lounge chairs while surrounded by other beachgoers.”

Initially there was some optimism that Wilson and Gile would find their way back to each other, particularly given that when Gile recently posted a supremely provocative video that went very viral, Wilson was one of the first people to engage with it. But this should firmly put the kibosh on that.

All in all, the ladies in Wilson’s life seem to land him in the headlines a lot more than his play. Between his mother’s knack for drama with her salacious social media postings and then her incredible ‘crack whore’ situation, and now this, it’s just one issue after another.

Off the field drama notwithstanding, the Jets are seemingly working hard to get Wilson some legit wide receiver help. Currently the team has its eye on a blockbuster trade involving one of three star wide receivers.

Will Wilson and the Jets be able to accomplish anything of note in 2022? Time will tell.

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