Zach LaVine On Recruiting Other Stars From Team USA

Zach LaVine On Recruiting Other Stars From Team USA

The U.S. Men’s National Basketball Team is comprised of some of the greatest NBA players on the planet.

It’s something of an open secret at this juncture that multiple super teams have been formed as a byproduct of relationships that originated during the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics, so naturally people are expecting something similar this time around as well.

When confronted with this fact, Team USA members are generally understandably wiry. Nobody wants to violate tampering rules.

That said, sometimes the truth comes out anyway.

According to Rob Schafer of NBC Sports Chicago, Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine offered a fairly blunt assessment of the recruiting situation this past week.

“Players gonna be players, man,” he said.

“You gonna mingle and talk. But we’re here for one goal, we’re trying to win the gold medal. I think whatever comes from that — friendships, teammates — I think that’s an afterthought.

“But you know how the NBA is. Everybody talks, and it’s a player’s league, so we understand what goes on. Something happens, it happens.”

LaVine is in an interesting position right now because his team is one of several that is very much hunting for another superstar.

The front office is desperately trying to create a Big Three around him and Nikola Vucevic, but it remains to be seen how successful they’ll be.

LaVine’s murky status with the team only complicates the situation further.

Will LaVine ultimately be able to successfully recruit some of his Team USA teammates to Chicago? Time will tell.

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